Brushstrokes Studio

Brushstrokes Studio is a pottery, glass fusing, and mosaics studio located near the Fourth Street Shopping District in Berkeley. We offer drop-in studio time 7 days a week as well as classes, summer camps, birthday parties and special workshops.

Our New Sign: The Backstory

It seems every time I ask my friend Shana to recommend someone to help me with a creative endeavor for Brushstrokes, the answer is always the same:  ”Marina Luz."  When I needed someone to teach hand-lettering workshops at Brushstrokes, Shana of course reminded me to get in touch with Marina. So we met eachother and I was enchanted with this Stanford-educated, Emmy-award-winning illustrator.  She taught a series of relaxing, inspiring hand-lettering workshops at Brushstrokes and next we asked her to hand-paint a new sign for us.  She designed and painted this lovely blade sign:  a white rice bowl with a feather pattern, gold paint brushes and a shingle with a new, clean font for Brushstrokes.  

We’re updating our look at Brushstrokes to bring a fresh, modern sensibility to our beautiful studio.  Marina’s sign is one expression of that.  At her suggestion, we also repainted our bright green walls a soft charcoal blue to accentuate the shapes of the white pottery we sell.  We hope that when you come to our studio, you will be inspired 

©2016 Brushstrokes Studio, Inc. Photos by Erin Scott and Stephanie Rausser.