Brushstrokes Studio

Brushstrokes Studio is a pottery, glass fusing, and mosaics studio located near the Fourth Street Shopping District in Berkeley. We offer drop-in studio time 7 days a week as well as classes, summer camps, birthday parties and special workshops.

Artists' dinner plates: Brushstrokes collaboration with Paulson Bott Press


I’ve known Pam Paulson of Paulson Bott Press since the late 90s when her daughter Isabelle would spend the summers with me at Camp Brushstrokes (in trade for prints by Caio Fonseca).  Isabelle is now at UCLA and comes back in the summers to be a camp counsellor at Brushstrokes.  

Meanwhile, Paulson Bott Press and Brushstrokes have continued to be connected through a series of artist-made dinner plates.  Pam, her creative collaborator Renee, and the staff at Paulson Bott work with world-renowned artist on a series of prints.  Then they throw a dinner party in honor of the artist.  The artist and the printers will come to Brushstrokes and together create a series of plates on which dinner will be served.  Each dinner guest is invited to take their plate home with them.  

The artists we have worked with include Squeak CarnwathHung LuiGary Simmons and Tauba Auerbach.  Above is a stack of Tauba Auerbach plates fresh from the kiln and below is a photo from the dinner in December.

©2016 Brushstrokes Studio, Inc. Photos by Erin Scott and Stephanie Rausser.